Our Style

Clover Lou offers timeless silhouettes made with durable kid-friendly fabrics. The collars, buttons and other details pay homage to vintage American fashion. Many of the styles are reversible, offering two different looks in one. Additionally, we designed many of the styles to adjust for growing kids. All our clothes are proudly made in the USA and designed by our founder, Lacey Campbell. Clover Lou clothes can be purchased through our website, pop up shops and trunk shows.If you are interested in hosting a trunk show in your city, please contact us at 

What's in a name?

Our founder, Lacey Campbell, grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. While she now resides in Washington, DC, Louisville will always be her hometown. One of her fondest memories of childhood is playing in her grandmother's yard. Her grandmother was a wonderful gardener. She had hydrangeas, honeysuckle, Lily of the Valley and many other varieties including a large clover patch. She referred to the clovers as weeds but she never tried getting rid of them. Lacey spent many hours sitting in the clover patch looking for 4-leaf clovers. In fact the 4-leaf clovers in this patch were so plentiful, she stopped picking them and instead let them grow.